Return to Dinosaur Land




9 Worlds

Playable Characters:




 Return to Dinosaur Land is the three SMBX Episode create by Valtteri

The Story'

Bowser and the Koopalings have kidnapped princess Peach and trapped her in Valley of Bowser. The Koopalings

have stolen the Yoshi eggs yet again and they've rebuilt their castles around Dinosaur Land. It's up to the Mario

Brothers to save the eggs and the princess. The road to the secret entrance to Valley of Bowser is full of dangers,

such as fortresses and their bosses, Reznor, Magikoopa and Big Boo, who you will have to fight.

Worlds and BossesEdit

W1 - Yoshi's Island (Larry Koopa)

W2 - Donut Plains (Morton Koopa Jr.)

W3 - Vanilla Dome Underground (Wendy O. Koopa) W4 - Vanilla Dome Overworld + Twin Bridges + Cookie Mountain (Iggy Koopa) W5 - Forest of Illusion (Roy Koopa) W6 - Chocolate Island (Lemmy Koopa) W7 - Ice Cream Island (Ludwig von Koopa) W8 - Valley of Bowser (Bowser Koopa) W9 - Special Zone (???) Warp Zone (rooms with Yoshis that are unlockable with stars)

Map 2

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